BEES!!! (Malta)

May 23, 2018



Our goal for the early morning was apiary to showcase the traditional method of bee breeding and extraction of local honey. Driving toward the north of the island of Malta, we arrived at a honey operation known as Wied Musa. Our host was Carmello (Charles) Psaila.

This is an area known for extraordinary wild thyme, and Carmello has over one hundred hives. He produces hone by also produces queens that he occasionally sells or presents to friends as gifts.



Carmello recognizes the need to change the queen on a regular basis. It is very important to know how to make queens and mark them to know how old they are.

He does have some diseases and parasites and an occasional colony collapse due to water shortage.

Using  a smoking devise to calm the bees Carmello provided head net gear protection. He exposed the bees. Suzanne explained that the smoking permits the bees to gorge themselves and then they are not aggressive. They’re thinking a fire is nearby. We were indeed close up and personal!



Carmello is very passionate about his bees and honey, said Lydia. Off just a few days from World Bee Day on May 20th as declared by the United Nations, our visit was certainly an opportunity to appreciate the luscious commodity. Malta is ideal for wild thyme which produces a favorable honey as well as orange blossoms. The climate allows bees to harvest from over 1000 different species of flowers in Malta.


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